WHMCS Modules

Account Synchronization For WHMCS

Automate the import/export and two-way synchronization of accounts, products and clients located at cPanel, Plesk and other external servers with your WHMCS.

Advanced Billing For WHMCS

Extend billing models and customize invoice delivery to charge your clients for actual server resource usage, opened tickets, each hour of product use and more.

Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS

Originate VoIP calls between any destination number and extension, monitor call details and playback call records upon integrating Asterisk server with WHMCS.

Advanced Page Creator (APC) for WHMCS

You can design product/service presentation & promotion pages with your hands in several seconds.

Amazon Lightsail For WHMCS

Equip your clients with customized Amazon Lightsail instances, give them fundamental control over owned products and allow to view server usage on graphs.

BunnyCDN CDN Reseller Module for WHMCS

It's a new business for your company. From now on, you can sell CDN service with BunnyCDN's power. You need only BunnyCDN account for use this module!

Client Area Designer For WHMCS
  • adjust the order of basic elements, tailor the details of panels and homepage widgets, add slideshows and other components. Customize the layout of your client area
Client Area Popup For WHMCS

Create fully customized pop-ups presented as an image, raw text or HTML in your client area, select their recipients, define time frames and exact pages to be displayed at.

Client Profile Viewer For WHMCS

Preview contact details, products, income and other key data on each of your clients, create notes and access various WHMCS sections - all these with one simple tooltip.

cPanel Extended For WHMCS

Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and equip your customers with a diverse array of tools for their extensive management right inside your WHMCS.

cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS

Resell cPanel licenses automatically and grant your customers the option to view product specifics as well as change its assigned IP address in your client area.

  • add contacts, set up campaigns, create web forms, generate quotes, preview calendar-based list of follow-ups and do much more. Manage prospective clients automatically
DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS

Enable automatic provisioning of Droplets and let your clients remotely toggle their power, shut down or rebuild the machine, create and restore snapshots, and more.

DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS

Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and permit your clients to access FTP server, handle files, web applications and other crucial components remotely.

DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS

Provision, activate and handle DirectAdmin licenses in WHMCS, equip customers with precise product details and let them alter IP addresses assigned to licenses remotely.

Discount Center For WHMCS

Offer one-time and recurring discounts for orders of specified products combinations or quantities, formulate discount rules and time frames plus view detailed summaries.

DNS Manager For WHMCS

Provision DNS and rDNS zones, configure them flexibly through packages, access control tools plus empower your clients to manage zones and records in your WHMCS.

Domain & Email Forwarding For WHMCS

Give your customers the freedom to create forwarders for domains, directories and emails inside your client area plus define the scope of allowed management per TLD.

Domain Allocator For WHMCS

Equip offered web hosting accounts with domain allocation features to provide your clients with the possibility to assign parked and addon domains to their own accounts.

Domains Reseller For WHMCS

Empower resellers to offer your TLDs within various systems to their clients directly, set up promotional codes, shape refund policy, manage credits, handle income and more.

Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS

Extend instruments for domain ordering in WHMCS to perform bulk changes on TLDs and let your clients use custom order forms with categorized TLDs and domain spinners.

Emoji Picker For WHMCS

Allow your clients and staff to use emojis in tickets, select departments with enabled emoji application and replace domains in the Punycode format with emoji domains.

Enom Email For WHMCS

Automate the provisioning and supervising of Enom email accounts straight in WHMCS and allow your clients to take advantage of remote mailboxes and forwarders handling

EURid Registrar For WHMCS

Implement the automated means for .eu domains delivery into WHMCS and let your clients toggle TLDs auto renewals, manage nameservers and more within your system.

Freshdesk For WHMCS

Equip your WHMCS client area with modern support attributes of Freshdesk customer service platform and handle WHMCS tickets carefully right in Freshdesk admin area.

G Suite For WHMCS

Provision and manage Google services set up in a flexible manner and allow your customers the possibility to carry out all handling tasks on their products remotely.

GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS

Enjoy the automation of GoDaddy TLDs and gTLDs provisioning plus allow your clients to handle DNS records, nameservers and other details without leaving your website.


Supply SSL certificates to your customers, view their configuration status and manage all essential features plus allow careful product supervision in your client area.

Hosting Quota Notifications For WHMCS

Send automatic notifications to your clients upon exceeding previously defined bandwidth and/or disk usage based on the selected type of resource usage calculation.

Hosting Renewals For WHMCS

Permit your clients to handle billing cycles, recurring payments and renewals of hosting services, while you set up discounts and send personalized renewal notifications.

Interspire Email Marketer For WHMCS

Supply and handle Interspire Email Marketer accounts in WHMCS, enable your clients to view account statistics remotely as well as log in to their IEM panels with just one click.

InterWorx Extended For WHMCS

Automate the mechanism of web hosting accounts provisioning, supervise offered products remotely and insert tools for their close management into your client area.

IP Manager For WHMCS
  • connect IP addresses to servers and products, assign subnets and child-subnets to clients and set up 3rd party integration. Handle multi-level IP subnets in WHMCS
Kayako For WHMCS

Let your customers employ Kayako support tools without leaving your website, while you harmonize the data between systems in WHMCS and handle tickets right in Kayako.

MSPControl Extended For WHMCS

Provide your customers with MSPControl accounts automatically plus enable remote handling of FTP accounts, emails and other web hosting components in your client area.

Multibrand For WHMCS

Run multiple brands on multiple websites under your careful management and close supervision while using just a single WHMCS license.

Office 365 For WHMCS
  • suspend or switch the subscription, alter the password and more. Offer a variety of Microsoft Office 365 plans along with addon services and handle their key aspects remotely
OpenStack VPS For WHMCS
  • manage backups, access noVNC console and more. Enable the provisioning of flexible virtual servers in WHMCS and allow your clients to handle each VPS product remotely
OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS

Supply OVH Public Cloud servers adjustable to fit customer needs, control them carefully in WHMCS and deliver many tools for virtual machines management into your client area.

One Page Checkout Form

We are offering One-page checkout Form Integration for WHMCS that allows your customers to complete the order process on the single page without clicking next buttons many times.

Password Manager For WHMCS

Store any passwords securely, share access details with your staff and customers using two-way encryption, allow their handling in your client area and send notifications.

Payment Gateway Allocator For WHMCS

Match specified payment gateways to the exact location of your clients automatically when they place orders in your WHMCS.

Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS

Include extra fees and discounts for the usage of a given payment gateway, define application conditions, select chargeable products and clients exempt from discounts.

Plesk Extended For WHMCS

Provision customized web hosting accounts through WHMCS in an automated way and allow your clients to remotely manage their FTP accounts, install applications and more.

Plesk Key Administrator For WHMCS

Resell assorted Plesk licenses offered as flexible, fully customizable products, handle them closely in WHMCS and give a broad overview on licenses in your client area.

Premium Support Tickets For WHMCS

Sell products and addons that contain support credit points required for your clients to open support tickets of certain priority or in specified departments.

Product Auto Upgrade For WHMCS

Modify products and configurable options automatically basing on registered resource usage as well as let clients handle scaling rules and time intervals for notifications

Product Linker For WHMCS

Define and manage order relations between your products, addons and configurable options to sell them in bundles and provide automatically adjustable promotional codes.

Proxmox Cloud Autoscaling For WHMCS

Alter Proxmox Cloud servers in line with their current load automatically using the method of server resizing or cloning and let your customers manage all scaling rules.

Proxmox Cloud For WHMCS

Grant your clients permission to create and freely modify multiple virtual servers within imposed resource limits plus enable them to manage all server components remotely

Amazon EC2 For WHMCS

Supply fully customized Amazon EC2 instances to clients, grant them full control over the status of owned machines plus allow them to view server details.

Proxmox VPS For WHMCS

Supply virtual servers and allow their close handling. Let your clients remotely access consoles, view usage graphs, manage backups and much more right in WHMCS.

QuickBooks Desktop For WHMCS

Enable two-way synchronization of clients, invoices, currencies and other financial data between WHMCS and QuickBooks Desktop plus set relations of corresponding details.

QuickBooks Online For WHMCS

Integrate all kinds of financial data stored in WHMCS into QuickBooks Online database, set up currencies, handle taxes and define relations between synchronized information.

Quotes Automation For WHMCS

Welcome the chance of automatic order placing and invoice creation directly from a quote page, prepare multiple templates for quotes, handle included products and more.

R1Soft Backups For WHMCS

Offer R1Soft Server Backup Manager accounts as packages with various sets of limits and privileges plus let your clients have oversight of their products in WHMCS.

Rackspace Cloud OpenStack For WHMCS

Resell virtual servers of customizable nature built on the foundation of Rackspace Private Cloud, enable your clients to handle servers remotely, access Spice console and more.

Rackspace Email Extended For WHMCS

Automate the supply of Rackspace Email accounts offered as customizable products plus enable the remote handling of several account features right in your client area.

Rackspace Public Cloud For WHMCS

Incorporate the automated method of cloud servers provisioning into your WHMCS plus enable your clients to order and manage their servers without leaving your website.

Recurring Billing Extended For WHMCS
  • discounts, breach penalties, renewal types and more. Sell products and services under fixed-term contracts from 1 month up to 10 years and manage their crucial features
Report Generator For WHMCS

Build dynamic reports from any kind of WHMCS data using three inbuilt creators, view 30 ready-made reports, automate their creation and pass results to employees.

Resellers Center For WHMCS

Allow resellers to offer your products under own brand, manage acquired customers and earn profits for each sale plus let end clients handle key aspects in your WHMCS.

SEO Manager Module

Search Engine Optimisation Module for WHMCS
This module allows you to enter SEO data on any page of your WHMCS template via an intuitive interface accessible from your WHMCS administration panel.

Server Allocator For WHMCS

Set switching rules based on configurable options, product addons and custom fields to automatically match the most suitable servers to products ordered by your clients

SMS Center For WHMCS

Send text messages to staff members and clients using over 20 different gateways, create SMS templates, handle mass texting and enable two-factor authentication.

SoftLayer Servers For WHMCS

Supply bare metal servers automatically in WHMCS plus permit your clients to handle own servers remotely, trace details in graph form, manage rDNS records and more.

SolidCP Extended For WHMCS

Adopt automatic solution for delivery and handling of SolidCP accounts plus allow the option to create FTP accounts, set up emails along with other facets in your client area.

SolusVM Extended Cloud For WHMCS

Empower your clients to freely create, resize and upgrade virtual servers within put resource limit, enable remote access to consoles and other profits in WHMCS.

SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS

Provide your resellers automatically with complete products that consist of specified SolusVM server resources that can be further sold by them to their own clients.

SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS

Automate the supply and careful oversight of virtual machines in WHMCS and empower your clients to remotely handle servers, access various consoles and more.

Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS

Collect the money with the Stripe payment gateway using SEPA Direct Debit method, manage recurring payments, make multiple charge attempts, issue refunds and more.

Support Tickets Allocator For WHMCS

Allocate tickets among departments and admin users automatically using various determinants, establish departments' office hours, delimit response time and more.

Soyoustart whmcs module

Can we let you as the So You Start, OVH OR Kimsufi dedicated server reseller? Can you simply imagine the module working as to enable the customer to handle their whole servers from the WHMCS Client Area?

Time & Task Manager For WHMCS

Add various tasks, follow their progress and bill your clients for the execution time, issue invoices automatically plus allow customers to handle tasks and order prepaid hours.

Unban Center For WHMCS

Allow your clients to remotely unban their IP addresses in control panels and VPS servers while you manage unban permissions. Build your own submodules for desired systems.

Virtuozzo VPS For WHMCS

Open up the way to sell and manage virtual servers in WHMCS automatically plus offer remote access to VNC console along with plenty of handling tools in your client area.

WebsitePanel Extended For WHMCS

Employ the automated method of providing WebsitePanel accounts in WHMCS and give your clients the ability to remotely manage FTP accounts, websites, emails and files.

WordPress Manager For WHMCS

Let your clients add and manage WordPress instances in your WHMCS, browse and install plugins, clone installations, create backups and make bulk changes on them.

Zendesk For WHMCS

Include support tools powered by Zendesk into WHMCS, access Zendesk admin area to handle tickets deftly and bring benefits of this advanced system to your customers.

Zimbra Email For WHMCS

Supply Zimbra accounts and use automated control means in WHMCS, empower your clients to remotely handle mailboxes and aliases as well as quickly access webmails.

WHMCS Linode Manager

Now resell the white label lindoe services through WHMCS. Your clients will no longer need to leave your website! Everything they need to manage is their client area to manage the services like (change server password , reboot , shut-down etc..). Moreover user can see their server log activity. We are also providing add-on for admin to map the lindoe products with your WHMCS products.

The Content Management Solution For WHMCS

WHMCMS allows you to add as many pages as you need, with a WYSIWYG editors like CKEditor and TinyMCE you don't even have to know about HTML or CSS, just enter your content as you may do in any text editor (eg. MS Word).

WS Email Verification Pro

When registering a new account (without placing an order), WHMCS would normally allow the customer to do anything even without verifying their email address. With our module, after registration, they will be redirected to the page where they will have to verify their email.

Live Chat & Visitor Tracking

The only official live chat solution for WHMCS, the WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Add-on is developed in partnership with Chatstack bringing a feature rich and powerful integrated chat solution to WHMCS users. Featuring benefits including automatic client detection, loginshare, shared access to WHMCS predefined responses, integrated logging of chat transcripts and more. Try it today.

WHMCS QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync

Our WHMCS QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync Module is your complete solution for a two-way streamlined billing and accounting workflow if you use QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting for WHMCS.

Dedicated Server Manager (NOC-PS)

With NOC-PS For WHMCS, your customers can manage dedicated servers and virtual servers using the NOC-PS server provisioning system. The module provides hassle-free management of servers for hosters and customers.
This module supports auto setup for new orders and is compatible with WHMCS configurable options. Configuration options values for each dedicated server can be set or changed using the server manager, the module will find the matching dedicated server and assign it to the client if auto provisioning is enabled.

CDN77 CDN Reseller Module for WHMCS

It's a new business for your company.
From now on, you can sell CDN service with CDN77's power.
You need only CDN77 account for use this module!

SMS Notify Proffesional

The WHMCS SMS Notify is an Addon Module which notifies your customers before the expiry date of domain names or services like hosting... and more! So your business provides an immediate renewal of customers' services & updates your customers as soon as possible.

MaxCDN CDN Reseller Module for WHMCS

It's a new business for your company. From now on, you can sell CDN service with MaxCDN's power. You need only MaxCDN account to use this module!

KeyCDN CDN Reseller Module for WHMCS

It's a new business for your company. From now on, you can sell CDN service with KeyCDN's power. You need only KeyCDN account for use this module!

Axxess module for WHMCS

The module brings the ability to resell Axxess services directly from your WHMCS instance and allows your customer to view the Usage stats and much more.

Stackpath CDN Reseller Module for WHMCS

It's a new business for your company.
From now on, you can sell CDN service with Stackpath CDN's power.
You need only Stackpath account to use this module!
No hardware needed, CDN softwares or another CDN needed.
Create CDN service packages in WHMCS, enter package's prices, integrate your Stackpath account and start selling.


Your clients are able to post testimonials from their client area. You can approve or delete them from WHMCS admin. Once the WHMCS Admin approves the testimonials, the client receives an email saying it was approved. Each customer is allowed to post only one review. Admin is able to update their client reviews anytime.

GDPR Tools

WS GDPR Tools is a module to assist in making a website GDPR compliant. This GDPR Tools covers cookies consent, delete my account form, request data form, erasure data form..

Services Fee

With this module, is a must-have module which will allow you to charge additional fees you can translate the fees for your customers. It will be a one-time setup fee/service charge.

JetBackup WHMCS Module

The size of each account backup is calculated and automatically sent from your hosting server to your whmcs billing system. You have the option to charge your client based on the average backup size or the sum of all backups.

  • //www.jetbackup.com/jetbackup-whmcs-module/ https
CleanPDF Invoice

CleanPDF for WHMCS addon has a clean and professional design along with advanced features for the demanding users that mean business. Includes RTL and Envelope Window support with multiple back end options for logo, color and font customization.

UptimeRobot Status

If you're using UptimeRobot.com to monitor your websites/servers - that's great - now you can show your server statuses on your site. Your clients can see whether the server is up right from network status.

Teamspeak 3 & 5

This is an admin and provisioning addon for WHMCS that allows you to sell Teamspeak 3 servers to your clients. Teamspeak is a VoIP software designed with security in mind, featuring crystal clear voice quality, endless customization options, and scalabilty up to thousands of simultaneous users ( teamspeak.com).

Invoice Auto Login

Give your clients easy access to pay invoices!
The Invoice Auto Login addon allows you to include a new merge field in the invoice email templates that will automatically login the user and redirect them to the unpaid invoice. The key used in the URL is a randomly generated hash and automatically expires when the invoice is paid, cancelled or 20 days has passed since the key was generated.

OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS

Provide VPS and dedicated servers offered by OVH, and empower clients to control the purchased machines, access the KVM and IPMI console, manage snapshots, and more.

Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS

Create detailed relations between your products and recommend to clients other attractive services that can be purchased together with their primary products in cart.

Hetzner VPS For WHMCS

Introduce automation of provisioning for Hetzner servers, allow clients to adjust the status of ordered machines, as well as enter the remote console from your WHMCS.

Hetzner Server Automation

Hetzner Server Automation aka Hetzner Server WHMCS Module helps in managing Server within your WHMCS so that your end user can manage it without your techsupport.

WHMCS Advanced Menu Manager

Now you can do all of this and even more using this module that enables you to do numerous actions like adding unlimited menus and sub-menu items, identifying when and to whom each item will be displayed, add translations to several languages from the same place, changing the order of menu items using Drag-Drop technique, and many more, all of this can be done easily only with few clicks.

Asset Manager

Manage and track assets in WHMCS!
Ever wish you could track physical items with WHMCS? How about servers, laptops, tools, or even customer assets? This module now makes that possible without needing a separate application.

Hetzner Cloud Automation