WHMCS Service

WS Email Verification Pro

When registering a new account (without placing an order), WHMCS would normally allow the customer to do anything even without verifying their email address. With our module, after registration, they will be redirected to the page where they will have to verify their email.

WS Product Limiter

That can be handy when giving free trial versions. This module will help you to stop free trial versions abuse, as the client will not be able to download more than one product.

WS Client Notify

With this module, your clients will get an email when they login, failed login to the accounts or change the password. Each time the client's login they will receive an email with login details or when someone login with the email.

WS Login Verify Pin

To protect the security of accounts, Login Verify Pin requires you to verify your account before you can logins.
To do so, You'll then need to enter this PIN within your account.

WS SMS Manager

SMS Manager SMS Manager is an advanced SMS System which offers you the ability to automatically send SMS messages to your clients on certain events (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for overdue invoice, etc.).

WS Credit Manager

With this module, Credit Manager, the client can see the balance in the client area as the option -- it is not implemented by default six templates. If there is a credit then the client sees it; if there is no credit then you will not see Credit Balance section but admin can enable/disable this if they like..

WS Auto Product Upgrade

Our WS Auto Product Upgrade Module is the perfect complement to your free trial offerings - allowing you to give clients a certain time period of utilizing a product before automatically upgrading AND charging them.

WS Support Pin

This WHMCS Addon Module will allow your customers to generate a Support Pin which will enable you to verify the account holder by using a single pin

WS Client Notifications

This is a small module called Client Notifications that allows you to send messages to individual clients or all your Clients at once

WS Server Monitoring

Ever thought of running your own highly profitable website monitoring and server uptime service just like Hyperspin.com, Pingdom.com, and Statuscake.com for an incredible low startup cost?

WS Products/Addons Images

Bring attention to your products and services in WHMCS with Products/Addons Images! Products/Addons Images is an addon for WHMCS allowing you to easily add images when creating or editing your WHMCS Products/Services, Product Addons or Configuration Option.

WS SMS Manager BulkSMS

SMS Manager BulkSMS is an advanced SMS System which offers you the ability to automatically send SMS messages to your clients on certain events (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for overdue invoice, etc.).


WS GDPR Tools is a module to assist in making a website GDPR compliant. This GDPR Tools covers cookies consent, delete my account form, request data form, erasure data form..

WS Testimonials

Your clients are able to post testimonials from their client area. You can approve or delete them from WHMCS admin. Once the WHMCS Admin approves the testimonials, the client receives email saying it was approved.

WS Phone Verification

The Phone Verification is a WHMCS addon that helps eliminate fraud and makes sure accounts created are legit as each phone number is verified to make sure it is real.

WS Refer A Friend

Each person who clicks your custom link and purchases service with your company will generate an x dollars service credit to your account. You will be emailed each time an x dollars service credit is added to your account

WS UptimeRobot Status

If you're using UptimeRobot to monitor your websites/servers - that's great - now you can show your server statuses on your site. Your clients can see whether the server is up right from network status.

WS Services Fee

With this module, is a must-have module which will allow you to charge additional fees you can translate the fees for your customers. It will be a one-time setup fee/service charge.

WS PayPal Extended

We has created a PayPal Modules called WS PayPal Extended. Why should you use WS PayPal Extended module? Well, WS PayPal Extended has TWO more features whmcs.com does not have.

WS Client Username

Now with client username module, your clients can register on WHMCS with a username. Also, they can login with the username or email from the same login page.

WS Client Verification

This nice addon module is great for VPS and Dedicated hosting providers. Through this module, you can simply verify your client in a minute. Through the client area, the user can easily upload a photo ID card and after that, you need to approve verification inside the admin area. Simple but powerful WHMCS module.

WS Auto Accept Orders

This module will auto accept orders that is free only. There is no need to manually accept them anymore! No more "Pending" orders ....