WHMCS Global Services

WGS VMware WHMCS Module

WGS VMware vSphere is a fully automated module that will reduce 90% of your IT person cost. With this module, once the user orders the service the admin does not need to create VM manually or install the OS. Moreover, the network adapter also manages itself and once the server is provisioned, the module will send all the details to end user.

One Step Checkout WHMCS Orderform Template

This covers up domain search, domain registration as well as domain transfer section.

  • Features of One-step checkout orderform template
  • The appealing domain search and Addon View
Allure WHMCS Theme

Take your customer's user experience to another level with the most powerful and customizable WHMCS theme available.

Hetzner Cloud WHMCS Module
OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi Dedicated/VPS Reseller and Server Management Module

If you are looking to start a VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller business without investing in Hardware infrastructure, then this module is for you

Cloudflare WHMCS Module

CloudFlare WHMCS module is an amazing module which allows CloudFlare users to add and manage the website of their clients via WHMCS. It is for all CloudFlare users who have an account on CloudFlare (Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise).

One Step Checkout WHMCS Orderform Template

One step checkout order form is the most powerful WHMCS order form template available in the WHMCS marketplace. It automatically bypass the 6 steps default checkout procedure of WHMCS to only 1 step.